Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sation I Love Miss-Self Glitters

Hi guys!  Today I have a few glitters from Sation's Glitter 1 Series.  These were provided to me by Angela from The Beauty Clutch.  She's actually not too far from me, so it was fun talking to another polish lover in my area.

Ego-Friendly, 2 coats over Zoya Rocky: neon green and black shards with small satin white hexes and fine green glitter.  There are also some small silver shards as well and the base has a sheer green tint to it.  Application was stellar, and I love how the shards look like paint splatters.  This combination in particular was really pretty.  You should try it. ;)

Go-Glitter Girl, 1 coat over Zoya Darcy: teal and neon shards, small holo hexes, and fine satin white and neon green glitters.  Love this one!  I think it looks great over a yellow like this or over a darker shade to bring out the neon glitters more.  Application was great as well.  The only problem I had with this glitter and the one above was that the glitters settle a bit.  I recommend rolling the polish between your hands upside down before using to help move the glitters back up.

Money Badger, 2 coats over OPI Anti Bleak: gold shards with orange, white and neon green hexes in a clear base filled with fine gold and orange glitter.  This one is so complex and gorgeous.  My definite favorite out of these three.  The application was flawless.  There were also no problems with settling glitter on this one. :)

Verdict:  Love!  Application was great on all of them, and they're perfect for summer.

Availability:  You can purchase these Sation glitters from The Beauty Clutch for $6.99 each.  You can also follow The Beauty Clutch on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for the latest on nail polish and nail art.


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