Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Incoco Fall 2013 Collection: A Tailored Fit & More

Left to right: Licorice Tips* / Fashion Fusion* / Autumn Night / Light As A Feather / Tailored Fit
Hey all!  Today I wanted to show you some of the new Incoco designs I've received.  The ones with bolded names are from Incoco's new Fall 2013 collection: A Tailored Fit.  Like the name implies, the collection features a lot of textures and designs inspired by clothing and fabric.  These are just a few of the designs from the collection.  Below, I will be reviewing one fall design and one regular design not pictured above. ^^

Twill Weave (Fall 2013): beige base with red zigzag/twill design.  It seems like a very simple design, but I really love this!  I think this is one of my favorite designs yet, but so far I think all the designs from Incoco's Fall 2013 collection look very promising.

One reason I love it so much is because the beige base is right on!  It looks great with my skin tone, but I think it will also be very flattering for any skin tone.  I also really like the simplicity of the design and the overall impression it gives as a full mani.  It's a very subtle but chic way of adding some flair to your nails while keeping it neutral.  Work appropriate- but not at all boring!

Bling Bling*: opaque glitter applique composed of fine silver and holo glitters.  It's actually a tiny bit sheer and can become a little sheerer if you stretch it.  However, it's opaque enough that no one will really notice unless you've told them and your nails are 5 centimeters away from their eyeball.  And in the sun, it much too blindingly sparkly for anyone to even look that close. x)

Again, it's a simple silver glitter applique, however I like this for a few reasons.  1) Opaque without the hassle of doing multiple layers.  2) Smooth finish without top coat.  If you've ever tried to get opaque glittery nails without a base color, you'll know that it generally takes many coats of polish to get the glitter both opaque and smooth.  With the nail applique, you only have to deal with "one coat" and it's already smooth for you.  None of that grittiness for you!

So sparkly - actually even more sparkly than this.

Verdict:  I'm definitely happy with how these applied and performed (which was great!).  I did find the glitter applique a tad too stretchy, but it was still easy to work with.  If you're fond of glitters, but don't want to deal with the hassle of thick manicures, Bling Bling might be a nice option to wear to a party or a night out.

As for Twill Weave, I'm sure I've made it pretty obvious that I've fallen head over heels for it.  Like I mentioned, all of the Fall 2013 designs look superb, so I can't wait to try the others.  If I can find a press image of the other designs, I will insert it here later. ^^

Availability:  You can find all of the appliques featured in this post at Incoco.com* or wherever Incoco appliques are sold.  Nail colors retail for $7.99 and nail designs retail for $8.99.  The Fall 2013 collection is currently not available, but will become available on September 10.

P.S.  Incoco is taking 10% off all orders placed at their site from Aug 28 through Sept 3!  So if you're interested in purchasing any of their appliques, now's the time.  No code is necessary. :)

♥ Liz

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