Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013: Satins Collection

Today I'm showing you the final fall collection from Zoya - the Satins Collection!  Satins is the metallic half of the two collections and is filled with glowing jewel tones.

Channing, 2 coats: rust red copper metallic with very fine gold shimmer.  All of the polishes in this collection were a bit thicker than what I prefer.  Aside from that, they still applied relatively well.  Because the formula is thicker, longer dry time between coats is recommended.  Some were better than others, and Channing was on the better performing side.

Mason, 2 coats: red-violet metallic.  I love how glowy this looks because of the violet shimmer in the red-purple base.  There are also some red fleck-like shimmers that give this color dimension.  However, I did find mine thicker than the others and slower drying.

Claudine, 2 coats: meteorite grey metallic.  It's a dark grey that doesn't come across as black.  Again, the formula is on the thicker side, but Claudine applied very well.

Neve, 2 coats: sapphire blue metallic.  I had no problems with the formula as it applied very smoothly.

Giovanna, 2 coats: lush emerald green metallic.  Hands down my favorite from not only this collection, but the Cashmeres collection combined.  The moment I saw this, I knew I would like it - and I was right.  It's a beautiful shade of emerald green.  I love how glowy this looks and it's bound to attract everyone's attention while you're wearing it.  This did, however, stain my nails a little bit near the cuticles, so beware.

Maria Luisa, 1 coat: sparkling cellophane gold topper.  Maria Luisa has a clear base filled with thin metallic, gold flakes.  I'm wearing one coat on my tips over Mason (above) and one full coat over Channing (below).  This is great if you want to add some subtle sparkle to your manis.

Verdict:  While the colors in this collection were all opaque in two coats, I did find the formula a little too thick.  Some of the polishes even got a bit gloopy around the neck of the bottle, so I plan on adding a few drops of thinner to mine.  It still applies well, but it could be better.  I recommend longer drying times between each coat.

Availability:  This collection is currently available at  Each polish retails for $8.  You can also find Zoya polishes in stores at Ulta.

Whew - that's all of Zoya's collections for Fall 2013!  Which collection is your favorite (Cashmeres, Satins, or Pixie Dust)?  Let me know in the comments below. :)


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