Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Review+Swatch] Zoya Naturel Collection

Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing a collection of neutral cremes from Zoya's spring 2014 collection. The formula on these are on the thinner side, but they still apply very nicely. Generally, these are opaque in two to three coats depending on the thickness of the coat. All of my swatches are shown without top coat.

Chantal, 3 coats: warm beige-nude creme. This color gives me mannequin hands, which may or may not be a good thing. I'm still trying to decide to if it looks creepy on me, but it's definitely not unflattering. It does have a lot of yellow in it though, so it may not look good on someone with pink undertones.

Taylor, 2 coats: warm sandy creme. This one's a little darker and less yellow than Chantal.

Rue, 3 coats: light blush creme. It's a lovely pink-toned neutral that should flatter all skin tones.

Brigitte, 2 coats: light pink-toned mauve. I think this is the perfect mauve for me! Not too light or dark - very flattering.

Odette, 2 coats: purple-mauve creme. Zoya describes this as a maroon, but it's really a dusty purple. Very pretty and soft on the nails.

Normani, 3 coats: medium taupe creme. It's the darkest color from the bunch, but still maintains its softness. It can lean slightly purple or brown depending on the lighting.

Verdict: Overall, I enjoyed wearing all of the colors from this collection as they were very flattering on me. The nudes seem to be geared toward warmer skin tones, but everything else should work across all skin tones.

Availability: This collection is now available at Zoya.com for $9 each. You can also find Zoya polishes in stores at Ulta.

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