Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Review+Swatch] Sally Hansen Triple Shine Color (flakies & glitter)

Hi guys! When I saw this new line of polish from Sally Hansen, my eyes zeroed right in on the pretty flakies and glitters. I finally got around to trying these iridescent beauties, and I love them. See for yourself!

Twinkled Pink, 1 coat over NOPI Color Me Country: silver and iridescent glitters in a red tinted base. Twinkled Pink is so much prettier than the picture shows. (Sorry, no second pic for this one). I wish I got a sunlight pic in, but the temperatures have been in the negatives here. :/ Maybe a reswatch in the summer? The iridescent glitters come in fine and medium sizes, so they scatter across your nails in glowy specks. The formula is also spot on with good coverage in just one coat.

Scale Up, 1 coat over NOPI Goodbye Shoes: fine iridescent glitters in a green tinted base with green mylar flakies. No second pic for this one either, because I didn't like how any of them came out. I'm very picky with mylar flakies, because they're thicker and prone to clumping or sticking up. None of this was a problem with this polish. The flakies stayed close to the nails and applied easily.

Hypernautical, 1 coat over NOPI Fisher Queen: green/blue iridescent glitters and mylar flakies in a blue tinted base. I love this one! Especially over this dark eggplant color. Again, excellent application and coverage.

Pearly Whites, 2 coats over NOPI American As Apple Pie: multi-colored iridescent glitters and flakies in a clear base. My other favorite! This reminds me of China Glaze Luxe and Lush, but they're very different. Pearly Whites has orange mylar flakies like Luxe and Lush, but the similarities end there. In addition, Pearly Whites has multi-colored iridescent glitters as well as green and blue flakies. The formula is excellent as well. Some of the bigger orange flakies felt a little thick, but all of them stayed down with a good coat of top coat.

Speaking of top coat, I'm wearing Triple Shine top coat in all of my pictures here. The top coat applies easily and has just the right consistency - not too thin or thick. As the name implies, it's very shiny, especially over creme and jelly finishes. Dry time was fairly quick as well. It doesn't top Seche Vite, but it's still a good top coat nonetheless. It definitely beats China Glaze Fast Forward and Orly Quick Deep-Dry in my book.

Verdict: All of these applied well, including those with mylar flakies. The top coat is worth checking out as well. My favorites are Twinkled Pink, Hypernautical, and Pearly Whites.

Availability: You can find these at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationally for $4.99 each.

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