Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pretty Jelly Dark Magic: Holographic Flakie Multichrome

Hi everyone! Did you all celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday? I really wanted to do a girly pink mani for Vday, but I didn't feel like taking my current mani off - which is this pretty polish from my indie brand. It's a dark anti Vday my soul. ^^

Is it just me or are evil villains much more interesting than the heroines? I recently started (and finished) Once Upon A Time, and I really love all the villains. So while I'm waiting for season 5, I decided to create a dark purple reminiscent of the ominous rolling smoke clouds in the show.

It was cloudy when I took these pics, so I couldn't capture the scattered holo. :( It has a subtle shift from blue-purple to red-purple.

If you like this polish, it's currently available at my Etsy shop for $12. It's limited edition, so I only have a few quantities in stock. Also, I ship worldwide! :)

Thanks for reading!

♥ Liz

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