Saturday, August 20, 2011

Care for a cup of tea? Or maybe some franken polish...

Hey all!  A few days ago I was at Ikea when I spotted something that made me do this.

What was it?  A cup!  I know, I'm all sorts of crazy, but it was the prettiest color ever.  I knew at that moment that I wanted needed the cup and a matching nail color.  So today I sat down with the cup and frankened a polish.  I think they are near identical in color! :)

The above picture is one of the more accurate ones in terms of color.  All my pictures came out light blue, so I had to tweak them all little.  If my hands looks weird, that's why. ^^;  The color is best described as a soft, light turquoise.  Like the turquoise version of powder blue...if that makes sense.  I decided to name it Susie's Cup of Tea after the person who designed this cup.  I'm wearing 3 coats in all my pictures.

What do you think?  Have you ever made a franken inspired by an object?  Let me know in the comments!



  1. WOW! That franken polish is dead on! You did great with that one and that is a very one of a kind color!

  2. Hey guys, can you guys take a moment to reply to this comment by saying 'yes' if you can see this? One of my followers let me know that the comment button is not working and that she couldn't comment. Just trying to see if it's working. Don't write your actual comment to this though, since I'll be erasing it once I know it's working. Thanks! ^^

  3. That polish is beautiful. A perfect pale turquoise blue. I love it. :D

  4. Love it!! great job!

  5. Wow, you are a fraken-master! Perfect match!

  6. wow this is awesome i love how you got it near perfect to the colour :D

    shel xx

  7. Haven't ever frankened a polish myself, but wow! Pretty color and pretty accurate!


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