Saturday, August 6, 2011

2 more days to vote...pretty please? :)

Hey all!

I just wanted to post a reminder to please continue voting for my nail art entry!  We're now in the final stretch, so there are 2 more voting days left - until Sunday 8/7 at 11:59pm PST.  Just two more votes from everyone would really mean so much to me.  Of course, only if you want to.  ^^ I also want to thank everyone for supporting me so far!  I really appreciate every one of your comments! :)  You can vote for me by going *here.*

Also... have you seen? :)

These are screen shots taken from StyledOn's Facebook contest page (left) and StyledOn home page (right)!  I noticed my picture on the contest page when I logged in the first voting day and thought: "Oh, that's cute.  They made it so you can see your entry on the first page..."  I was wondering how they did that, when I decided to check out their website, and it was there too!  I just thought it was pretty cool. :P

Alrighty off to bed!  I'll definitely post up an NOTD later today. ^^



  1. I voted! ^^
    I think they used your nail art as the promo picture because I see it too! :DDD hahaha~ yayyyy! goodluck on winning! I love your design! It's so intricate and unique <33

  2. Hehe, yeah I realized they used it for their promos when I saw it on their home page. X3 And thank you so much for voting! <3

  3. Thank you Lauren! I really appreciate it. :)


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