Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Floral Nail Art with BPS Studs

Hi all!  I know we're approaching winter, but I really wanted to do some floral nails.  So here they are.  I think this is my best set of floral nails yet.  And I just realized I always use a mint base color... I should change it up.  But this time I added studs!  Exciting, right?

For this look, I used Urban Outfitters Smush as the base color.  Then I layered one coat of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and Pirouette My Whistle over it to soften the mint.  For the flowers, I used OPI Sparrow Me The Drama and Dr.'s Remedy Youthful Yellow.  (Here's a tutorial on how to do the flowers.)  The leaves were done with Revlon Rain Forest.  I also added a spray of white flowers by dotting on Milani White On The Spot.  No tools were required for this look besides a bobby pin. :)

As for the studs, the ones I used are the 2mm round gold studs* from Born Pretty Store.  They come in the bag shown above, and as you can see, there are a lot of studs in there.  I actually love these studs a lot.  I prefer them over rhinestones and they don't lose their luster or bleed when topped with top coat.  They're also much flatter than rhinestones, so they don't come off easily or trigger the 'picking' instinct in me.  I already have a few other (more season relevant) designs in mind, so you'll be seeing these studs again. :P

You can find the studs on BPS for $5.90, and they carry a lot of other studs in different shapes and colors as well.  You can also use my code F10X31 to get 10% off your total! :)

That's it for today!  What do you think of this look?  Do you ever feel like wearing seasonally inappropriate nail art? -.-

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  1. Wow, looks fabulous. Love does small hand painted flowers, they look very pretty!

  2. That looks so great! I LOVE it :)

  3. So cute! love, love - love the tiny flowers!

  4. Oh and as to wearing seasonally non conforming manis - this is the yr certainly to rock that look - color is everywhere - and where I live - well it's still waaaaay too hot for what we normally are - I am in a sleeveless sun dress right now and most days shorts/sandals - so yes - I am fine with wearing looks like this - I cannot even look at most of my fall polish shades.

  5. You have spring on your nails! Very nice! :-)

  6. Oh wow! I need to move to wherever you are. Haha. It's been so cold here, I've been wearing my winter coat. I want to go back to wearing sun dresses and sandals!

  7. Thank you, Bailey! You're too sweet. :)

  8. Wow, these are so gorgeous! I like them a lot.

    <3 Melissa


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