Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Stash: OPI Edition

It's finally snowing over here!  After a downpour of rain.  Not a great combo, so if you're in the Chicagoland area, stay safe!  Now on to the nail polish. :)

I think OPI is hands down one of the most innovative polish brands available in the States.  I believe it was OPI who started the Shatter trend, and it took off for over a year.  It was overly done by every brand and we became sick of it.  Then there's the Spotted polish, which is basically like a spotted version of the shatter.  So sad that one never made it over to the US.  And now...Liquid Sand.  Not to mention all their great duochromes, suedes, and DS holographics from the past - which I sadly missed out on.  Not everyone may have liked all the trends they put out, but I think they still get points for creativity.

My first OPIs were Teenage Dream and Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection.  I remember seeing the ads in a fashion magazine and I rushed right over to Ulta to look for it.  I thought the shatter was the coolest thing ever.  Turns out I was a little too excited because the collection hadn't even been released yet!  Later on I got it as a gift, and they became my first OPIs.

As for favorites, right now I'm really loving the Bond collection, especially Tomorrow Never Dies (ultraviolet) and Live and Let Die (green).  The Spy Who Loved Me (red) is pretty great too.  Otherwise, I reach for the OPI NYC Ballet collection a lot and the nudes from the Germany collection as well.  I really wish I had the DS holos though or The Show Must Go On.  Or any of those HTF (hard to find) glitters from Alice and Burlesque. T__T  I really could go on and on...

Oh, and let's not forget the brush.  I'm definitely in camp OPI when it comes to the brush.  I like that they're flat and wide.  Oddly enough, I don't favor flat and wide brushes from any other brand - just OPI's.

Okay, enough rambling!  Now I want to know what your favorite OPI polishes are, and what your first OPI was.  Let me know in the comments!  I love reading them. :)



  1. My first OPI was Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede! :D In fact, my favorite OPIs are definitely the Suedes. I'm missing We'll Always Have Paris Suede and Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede though >:( When I first started buying polishes, I was really into OPI but as I dived deeper into the world, I liked the brand less and less. This last year, I've only purchased a handful and honestly they don't excite me all that much so they've been left in the untried box :X

  2. My first OPI was "The Color of Minnie" and it's also one of my favorites! What I love even more is "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "On Her Majestys Secret Service".

  3. great stash Liz! My first OPI was You don't know Jaques, and it was the most original nailpolish I had ever seen.

  4. My first OPIs were in a set from QVC I seem to think 2 were British collection Abbey Rose and Fee Fi Fo Plum, the other colour was Greek Isles collection Aphrodites Pink Nightie abd it came with mini nail envy, avoplex and rapidry. This was back in about 2003!!!

  5. I also have a major love for OPI. I was into polish when OPI got started in the late 80's so I have followed all the collections from their inceptions. I got a bit lost trying to follow them when they branched out to a lot of store brand exclusives. Blogs now help me keep up to date as I cannot bear to deal with FB or Twitter - too much info to follow there and too much info they collect about me! I used to look forward to the 4 collections a yr OPI released and holiday was usually my fav...I miss their traditional holiday collections a lot - they stopped doing them 3 years ago now with the Burlesque collection being a sub for their holiday releases (sort of). Some of my all time fav shades are OPIs. For a long time because where I live is rural to semi rural, OPI really was the only brand we could see in retail and even with that, it's a 60 mile drive each way just to see them and the place does not get everything in now anymore from OPI. Prior to OPI CND and China Glaze were big brands during the 80's acrylic nails rage. I still have a few of the really, really old OPI shades. I wish there was a good site on line that had all the shades from all the collections through the years. There were a couple of them that went up to about 2005 but dropped off then and 1 of those I think is archived now and not viewable. That would be an amazing task for some devoted OPI fan - to take the old info and track down all the OPIs since then. It's a hard thing to keep track of like I said with all the Japan only, specialty store only and so forth. If you just started getting OPI with the Katy Perry collection of Jan 2010 I guess it was. Teenage Dream still is a fan fav.

  6. I love the OPI suedes. I think I have all of them now. I have to admit I usually wear them with a shinny clear topper because I know that way I can see all the goodies inside them! Oh you really need to find Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede - it's amazing! It's nothing at all like the non suede version - way lighter and loaded (I mean loaded) with shimmer in it esp if you put a clear topper on it.

  7. I have many favs in my OPIs. High on the list are Dear Santa - the hands down best red with gold shimmer in it ever made, and I really love, love Let Me Entertain You from the Burlesque collection - it's a fully loaded glass fleck magenta that works pretty much year round. I was sad they did not put that one into their classic collection. It has tons of fans. Flashbulb Fuchsia fills in for LMEY in my book a lot since I can get FF still - they are not at all dupes just favs in the magenta/fuchsia hue. I also dearly love, love Absolutely Alice and Mad as A Hatter. I would love to see OPI bring back Nantucket Mist - it was a go to for me for many years. Right now it's might be a bit too grandma for many. But I know dusty rose will be back in fashion for nails - things always come back around on the traditional shades.

  8. Cover Girl released crackle nail polish about 14 years ago. I remember people wearing it in
    junior high. OPI just brought it back. I'm surprised no one seems to remember Cover Girl's shatter polishes.

  9. Oh, thanks for sharing! I did not know that. I was in elementary school back then and pretty oblivious to the world of nail polish. ^^


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