Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Milani Fantastical Plumage Swatches

Hi all!  Milani recently came out with two new collection featuring pretty cremes and glitter top coats.  Here's the first one named after colorful birds!

Scarlet Ibis, 2 coats: bright orange creme with red undertones.  This seems more orange than red to me - a very intense orange.  The formula was on the thin side, but still very easy to control.  It applied smoothly and the pigmentation was excellent.

Canary, 3 coats: true yellow creme.  Like most yellows, this was a bit streaky.  Three coats was okay, but I would recommend top coat to help even out the color.  It's not the worst yellow I've tried (in terms of the formula), but it isn't the best either.

Peacock, 3 coats (opaque in 2): sky blue creme.  Peacock has a lovely thin formula that was easy to work with.  It was good to go in two coats, but I did three for pictures.

Blue Jay, 2 coats: deep blue-purple creme.  The formula on this was excellent.

Purple Martin, 2 coats: purple creme with blue undertones.  For some reason, I keep reading this name as purple martini.  -.- Perhaps I am in need of one?  Anyway, this pretty purple also fares well on all accounts: formula and pigmentation.

Carnival, 2 coats over Peacock: clear based glitter with large to extra large black and white hexes accompanied by medium black bar glitters.  The formula on this was a little too thick, but it did help grab all the glitters.  I found the bar glitters a little unruly and in need of placing.  Other than that, I did enjoy this polish because of the large glitters.

Verdict:  Milani has always done cremes very well and these are no exception.  The only problematic color was the yellow, but yellows are notorious for being streaky.  Everything else was stellar in my opinion.  The glitter top coat was nice as well, albeit being a bit thick, since the larger glitters were easy to pick out.

Availability:  This collection is available at select CVS and Meijer stores during the month of August. Please note that some stores might put up the collections before August.  You can also find this collection online at

See any favorites?  Let me know in the comments below!


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