Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nicole by OPI 2012 Fall Shades: Shimmers and Metallics

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. :)  Today I have the rest of the shades from Nicole by OPI's Target exclusive fall line.

If the Blue Fits..., 2 coats: rich blue shimmer with scattered red sparkles.  The polish flowed on well, and had good pigmentation.  I love how the red shimmer kind of pops out against the blue, especially in the sun.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  There's also some subtle duochrome action going on..  At an angle, the red will shift green.  (The red tends to look more purple in the shade.)

You can see the shift better in the bottle.
The duochrome was hard to capture, but you can see the red to green shift better here.


For Gold Times Sake, 3 coats: cool olive-grey metallic flecks with blue and yellow shimmer.  There's also an apparent shift from gold to red.  So pretty!  I'm a sucker for olive toned metallic shades to begin with, so this one was an undeniable winner for me.  I would also say it shows the most duochrome of these three.  I don't remember having any problems with the formula.


Just Busta Mauve, 3 coats: a mauve-brown metallic flecks with red and blue shimmer.  I think it's the red shimmer that shifts orange at an angle.  Sorry about the state of my tips!  I found the formula a bit thicker for this one, so my tips wouldn't cover when I noticed them on the last coat.  >_<

Really bad quality pic, but hopefully you can see the duochrome.

Verdict:  I found these three the most surprising and unique from this fall collection.  The promo pictures were a far cry from how these looked in real life.  I was delighted to see that all of the shades had some degree of color shift.  My favorite of these three was For Gold Times Sake.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the collection as a whole.

Where to buy:  Both shades are Target exclusive shades and retail for $7.04 each.

*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.

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