Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update + New OPI DS Swatches

Hello, hello~  I know I've been gone way too long.  I actually completed a 3 week long health detoxification program.  It's basically a detox diet that allows you to flush out chemicals from processed foods and such.  During this time, I was a bit more sensitive to nail polish, so I figured I should lay off the polish until I was done.  I also needed a break from swatching, since I was starting to feel burnt out.  Whew~  I'll be slowly swatching polishes again, as I need to complete some long overdue reviews.  After that's done, I can't wait to show you the polishes I'm currently excited about. :)

Onto the review!

DS Indulgence, 2 coats: Indulgence is a strawberry red with gold shimmer flecks.  It's similar to Zoya Reva, but Indulgence is a bit more red and the shimmer is much more brighter.  One thing I've noticed with these new DS shades is that the shimmer is much clearer and shinier.  Maybe it's the diamond dust?  They are also blindingly shiny!  The formula had great consistency and pigmentation.


DS Luxurious, 2 coats: Luxurious is a deep orange with a hint of coral.  It also has golden shimmer flecks that sparkle intensely in the sun.  It really looks as if my nails are on fire!  People have compared it to China Glaze Riveting, but they are actually quite different.  The formula was great on this one as well.

Verdict:  I loved both shades, and I felt that the shimmer was brighter and clearer in these than in regular shimmer polishes.  I'm not sure if it's the diamond dust, but my nails were so sparkly.  However, I would still say that the $12.50 DS price is a bit steep.  I think they're worth more than regular OPI's, but they're not quite worth $12.50.  With that said, I would definitely keep an eye out for them during sales.  I think they're worth owning if you can grab them for less!  :)


*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. Peace, Love & PolishAugust 21, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    These are gorgeous! And props to you for completing the detox. Welcome back :)

  2. Gorgeous color! But I am not a fan of shimmer nail color:)

  3. I went through an upper and lower GI series and had to take all that high sodium drink stuff that blasts you clean...I have yet to recover still 1.5 months later. Was thinking of doing a detox myself to try and get rid of the last of all these high amts of salts. I had to even toss some lip glosses and balms out that absorbed too much of the salts while I was doing the 2 days prep which ends up I would have been fine with 1/2 of one day's prep alone! Anyhow...I ended up with having thin, pealing mess of nails from all this too...I cannot wait to get them healed so I can wear these 2 lovely's . I like both. Usually I would be insane over the Lux because high shimmer oranges I am all over...but I think because I have both Riveting (China Glaze) and an old OPI called Dressed To Empress that is a lot like Lux - I am more drawn to Indulgence. I did not pay $12.50 for them however - got them from a dealer on evil bay for $9 each with free ship. I think I am going to get a 2nd back up bottle for Indulgence. Indulgence reminds me a little of the redish glass fleck in last summers (2011) Zoya's Sunshine collection - but the Zoya is a bit more gold foil looking at some angles than are these 2 in their formulations. I like this DS collection tons...and so glad OPI did not try and dump out more chunky glitters and call them DS collection members!

  4. I would definitely recommend doing a healthy detox program. Even though I wasn't physically ill, I definitely saw some positive changes in my body. Just make sure you are getting all your vitamins/nutrients while doing it!

    I'm also more drawn to Indulgence, because I tend to gravitate more towards reds than oranges. But it's a tough call, they're both so pretty. :) And I agree, it's similar to Zoya's Sunshine collection, but there's something about it that's much more reflective and sparkly. ^^

  5. These are gorgeous! And props to you for completing the detox. Welcome back :)


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