Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Swatches

Hello!  Today I have five out of the eight Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors to show you.  They come packaged in matching colored wraps.  I kind of wish the caps were actually colored, but it all peels away to reveal familiar black caps.

You've probably seen these caps on other magnetic polishes from Nails Inc. and Color Club.  I do like this magnetic cap design though, it's very convenient and allows you to hold the magnet close without touching the nail.

Silver Elements, 2 coats: metallic grey with small silver specks and silver magnetic lines.
 - - -

Graphite Gravity, 2 coats: shiny black base with charcoal magnetic lines.
- - -

Kinetic Copper, 2 coats: red-brown base with bronze magnetic lines.  
- - -

Golden Conduct, 2 coats: brown base with gold shimmer flecks and silver-brown magnetic lines.
- - -

Polar Purple, 2 coats: dark purple base with rich plum shimmer flecks and light purple magnetic lines.

Verdict:  Overall, I enjoyed this set of polishes.  I can't really pick favorites, but my top two might be Polar Purple and Silver Elements.  I also enjoy the subtle smoky look of Graphite Gravity.  My least favorite is easily Kinetic Copper.  I'm a sucker for copper, but this color reminded me more of rust.  Otherwise, all of them had good formulas and performed well under the magnet, and none of the magnets were defective.

I've been asked questions regarding magnetic polishes before, so here are a few pointers:
  • Do one nail at a time.  The magnetic particles need to be able to swim through the polish to form lines.
  • Use medium coats (this is trial and error).  Thin coats will yield blurry lines and thick ones will actually cause the polish to rise towards the magnet and touch it.
  • Apply your coats evenly: make sure your aren't applying the polish thinner on the sides of your nails.  This might be the reason for "missed" sides with no magnetic lines.
  • Hold the magnet still over your nail for at least 15 seconds.  If you hold it longer, you will get crisper lines. 
  • Use top coat, but not immediately.  Top coat will bring out the shimmer and will strengthen the contrast between the base and the magnetic lines.  Don't apply it too soon though, or you will smear the magnetic lines.  Also make sure your top coat is magnetic friendly; some top coats will smear regardless of dry time.
  • If you still find magnetic polishes difficult, check out Scrangie's Troubleshooting Guide.  She covers every possible mistake you might be making in detail, complete with pictures! 

You can find Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors in drugstores nationwide for $9.99.  Sally Hansen is also currently holding a nail art contest via Instagram!  It ends 9/17/12.  You can find more information about it here.

That's it!  Hope you find this helpful! :)  What are your thoughts on the magnetic trend?  Do you love it, hate it?  Let me know in the comments! :)

*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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  1. Gorgeous swatches! Silver Elements is beautiful.

  2. You have inspired me to try to start a nail blog myself once my daughter starts school in a few weeks. I have tons of polish and LOVE looking at swatches on blogs. This one was great as I've been debating which shade of this same polish to try next.

    I've got to have the Silver Elements. I have the red and blue (can't remember the names.) The red works beautifully. The blue is nice too but I prefer the red. This silver is stunning. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


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