Sunday, October 21, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection: Part 1

It was finally sunny out!  Well partly cloudy, which is code for clear skies everywhere but where the sun is.  I managed to swatch 10 out of the 12 shades whenever the sun peeked out from behind the parade of clouds.  It's supposed to be just plain sunny today, so I'm hoping to take advantage of that and do an even crazier swatch fest.  But enough rambling!  Here's part one of the much anticipated Skyfall Collection. :)

Casino Royale, 2 coats: dark plum creme.  My camera picked up on its red undertones, but it's much more purple in real life.  I liked this a lot more than I thought it would.  The formula was flawless and the color is perfect for fall.  If you don't already own a plum creme, I'd suggest getting this one. :)

 - - -

Skyfall, 2 coats: dark maroon creme.  Skyfall was just as pleasant in formula as Casino Royale was.  The finish is nice and shiny, and the color is gorgeous.  I thought I wouldn't like Skyfall, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Another great color for fall.

 - - -

Die Another Day, 2 coats: shimmery red-orange.  Depending on the lighting, it leans more orange or red.  It's very pigmented and I didn't notice any brushstrokes.  I much preferred this orange over the one that was in OPI Germany.  Great color and excellent formula.

 - - -

The Spy Who Loved Me, 2 coats: searing red with gold shimmer.  Mm, how I love this one.  I love how the gold shimmer twinkles from underneath.  The red is quite bright, and it's so pigmented that it's opaque in 1 coat.  I did two for pics, but it was totally unnecessary.  I found the formula a bit thin for my taste, but it was still easy to control and didn't flood my cuticles.
 - - -

You Only Live Twice, 2 coats: bright magenta-pink with fuchsia and gold shimmer.  This color reminds me of CG Ahoy, but they're definitely not dupes.  I think my swatches came out a bit too pink/red, as it has some purple in it.  The shimmer is really sparkly!  No problems with the formula on this one as well.

 - - -

Golden Eye, 2 coats: yellow gold shimmer fleck-foil hybrid.  The gold flecks are really dense, dense enough to reach opacity in two coats.  The gold in this is also very warm and almost orange at times.  I had no trouble with the formula, but I'd suggest applying a thin first coat and following up with a medium second coat.  PS. Removal is a pain (like glitter), so be prepared to do the foil method.


In case you were wondering if Golden Eye can be layered over another color, it can!  But since the flecks are very dense, be sure to wipe all the polish off both sides of the brush before painting each nail.  That will be enough to get this look!  This is Golden Eye layered over You Only Live Twice: sun (above) and shade (below).

 - - -

The Living Daylights, 1 coat: medium hex glitter in teal, copper, gold and silver.  The gold is a bit hard to distinguish from the silver, but it's there.  I've noticed many people only mentioning the silver, so I just wanted to draw attention to the gold. ^^  Doesn't it look nice over Casino Royale?  The formula itself was easy to work with, but the glitter does tend to apply unevenly.  It's not a lot of work, but for a more even application, I had to go back in an dab some glitter onto the "bald" spots.

Verdict: Overall, I can't say there was a shade I wasn't pleased with.  I liked all the colors reviewed in this part, and all of them had great formulas.  I also thought the colors were much more unique this time around.  Honestly, I can't pick favorites.  I like them all in their own way.

Availability: This limited edition collection is currently available at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $8.50 ($9.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.

Which ones are your favorites??  Let me know in the comments! :D 


*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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