Sunday, October 21, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection: Part 2

Hi everyone!  As expected, the weather was really nice today.  I think it's going back to cloudy, rainy weather tomorrow though.  Boo...but what's not "boo" is Part 2 of OPI's Skyfall collection (see Part 1 here).  Hope you like the swatches! :)

Moonraker, 3 coats: dusty, pale metallic blue.  When I first swatched this on my nail wheel, I thought it would be quite impressive, because it dried down to a smooth brushstroke-free finish.  On the nail, it was a little different.

First of all, Moonraker clumps up on contact with CG Strong Adhesive Base Coat.  So for my swatches, I skipped the base coat and painted it over bare nails, which was much better.  The formula itself is a bit weird: it's thin yet gloopy.  When you pull the brush up, the polish kind of hangs off it and sticks to inside of the bottle neck like troll bogies.  (Don't ask me how I know what troll bogies look like.  It's a secret, and it's not because I watched HP1 again recently.)

2 coats gave me pretty decent coverage, but I used a third to even out the brush strokes.  Just a note: this color looks like a brushstroke mess when you apply it.  But give it 10-15 minutes and the polish will actually dry down to a much smoother finish.  The only bad thing is, without base coat it did tend to emphasize small ridges and bumps on my nail.

Overall, I thought it was an "okay" shade.  Not horrible, but not superb.  I thought the color itself looked nice on me though.

 - - -

The World Is Not Enough, 4 coats: taupey-brown base with silver and red shimmer.  In the sun, the shimmer tends to sparkle red/pink and green against the metallic finish.  3 coats was enough, but I did 4 for pictures.  I really like this shade, it's one of those jazzed up neutrals.  In the sun, it's quite the disco ball, but indoors it's quite tame.  Formula wise, it's sheer but easy to apply.

 - - -

Tomorrow Never Dies, 2 coats: ultraviolet with blue shimmer.  I love this electrifying shade of blue-purple.  It's gorgeous and stands out, while still feeling very fall.  The formula is great as well, but seems to bubble easily if you use thicker coats.

 - - -

On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 4 coats: dusty blue metallic shimmer with blue and gold shimmer.  The blue shimmer also shifts pink/red in extreme angles.  Like TWINE, it's a bit sheer but builds up in 3 coats.  I just did 4 for pictures.  This color reminds me of Zoya Feifei, and they looked similar in the bottle.  I think FeiFei might be a bit more purple.

 - - -

Live and Let Die, 2 coats: dark green packed with gold shimmer.  This is definitely one of my favorites from the collection.  Live and Let Die practically applied itself and was opaque in 1 coat.  The green is dark but never black, which I think is due to the gold shimmer.

Verdict:  Love!  I don't think there was a color in here I didn't like.  Moonraker was a little problematic, but not horrible.  All the rest of shades had great formulas and on average took only two coats for opacity.

Availability: This limited edition collection is currently available at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $8.50 ($9.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.

What do you think?  Have you picked up any shades from this collections?

*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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  1. Does TWINE remind you of the blue Essie Mirrored Metallics at all?

  2. I've been eyeing On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but for each swatch I get more and more in doubt if I really want it. And if it's sheer too, I don't think I'll get it anyway :) Thanks for the review!

  3. I've had the bubble problem also with Tomorrow Never Dies. TWINE a commenter asked about it being like the blue of Essie Mirrored Metallics - I think it does remind me of it - but only because it's a blue frost. I am a no frost gal (Essie - that collection was not metallics but frosts). I lived in the 60's when everything was frost and never have liked frost since they finally got away from all that (even though many of the frost formulas have changed a ton). It's just not ever been a fav finish of mine. Even in eyeshadows and lipsticks I don't like frosts. I really like OHMSS but have had a ton of chipping with it. So next time I wear it, am going to stick it down with Gelous and see if that helps. I have the Zoya com of OHMSS and it seems to not chip/peel as bad but that said, I like the color of the OPI better between the 2 despite many call them identical...I would not have picked them both up if I had realized how close they were.

  4. Hi GaffoRama! I haven't tried any of the Essie Mirrored Metallics in person, but another commenter (beachgal) wrote about it above. So please check out her comment! :)

  5. Hi Rainbowify Me! If you like OHMSS, you should check out Zoya Feifei as well. They're similar but I think I had better coverage with Feifei (about 3 coats). ^^

  6. Hi beachgal! Thanks for sharing! I wasn't sure how TWINE compared to the Essie metallics, so I'm sure your comment will be more helpful to other readers. :D And I love OHMSS as well! I'm not sure which I like better yet, OHMSS or Feifei. I know they're really similar but I don't think they are dupes. But I agree, you definitely don't need both.


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