Tuesday, February 26, 2013

45 NEW Walmart Exclusive Hard Candy Shades!

Hi guys!  Exciting news!  I just got this press release in the mail today announcing 45 new polishes from Hard Candy!  I was wondering when they'd be coming out with new polishes, and these do not disappoint.  Also, it seems Hard Candy is taking their prices down a dollar.  I've seen multiple brands raise their prices by a dollar this year, but not Hard Candy.  I believe they used to retail for around $5, but now the price is $3.97.  Check out which new shades will be hitting your Walmart down below!

I suggest opening up the images in new tabs to make them bigger. ^^

Click 'read more' for bottle images!

Eek!  I'm totally eyeing Crush On Lava and well...all the glitters basically. x)  It also looks like their bottles may have gotten a make over.  I love the new bottles, but I hope they're not on the tall side like Julep.

**edit: Crush On Lava looks like it may be a Beetle dupe.  But the others don't look like they are repromotes as far as I can tell. ^^

Which shades are you excited for?  Will you be getting any of these?  Please share in the comments below! :)


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