Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Impressions: Essie Nail Care Line

Hi guys!  Essie recently came out with a new and improved nail care line.  I'm pretty fortunate to have strong nails that grow relatively fast, but winter is taking its toll on my nails and cuticles.  One of the main issues I have is peeling on my left pointer and right middle nail.  Not sure why, but it's always just those two.  It may be because the sides curl more on those two nails.

I was immediately interested in these three products for my dry cuticles and peeling nails.  Here is some information on each of the products below, as well as my first impressions after using them for a week.

Apricot Cuticle Oil
"Essie's top seller!  Natural oils provide nourishing moisture for smoother, softer, more supple cuticles.  Refreshes and revitalizes the look of your hands instantly."

First Impression:  I love cuticle oils that have convenient packaging in terms of application and portability.  If there were such things as day and night cuticle creams, this would fall under day.  It's moisturizing, but not too heavy and absorbs quickly.  The brush makes it easy to use, since you don't have to dig your fingers into it.  I keep this on my desk, so that I remember to use it.  So far the results are about average.  It has helped with some of the dryness, but it hasn't helped conquer dryness all the way.  Regular use is recommended, and it would be better if paired with a heavier "night" cuticle cream.  But for an oil, I'd say this works just fine.  Plus, it smells really good, albeit being a little on the strong side.

"A unique and exclusive blend of strengtheners like iron, amino acids and Kevlar, leaves nails bulletproof.  Each bottle contains 1 million fast acting molecules to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails."

First Impression:  I use this as my "first" base coat, both under a color or just on my bare nails.  I'm interested in seeing if this will prevent peeling when my nails get longer.  It's clear and dries to a shiny finish.  Not much else I can say at this point, so we shall watch and see.

Fill The Gap
"Formulated with Nutra-Keratin and bamboo extract this star product helps fill in ridges and conceal imperfections before color application.  Visibly sculpts and plumps nail base for younger-looking nails."

First impression:  I don't have any major ridges on my nails, but I was hoping this would smooth out the little dip I get along my smile line when my nails are longer.  This also has a sheer, natural color to it that helps even out the color of bare nails.  My nails are a little yellow near the tips and this helps cover some of the yellow tones.  It also dries to a semi-matte finish.

Obviously, one week is not enough to give a substantial review about these, which is why this is only a first impressions post.  I have stopped using other cuticles oils and base coats, and I plan on using these for at least a month.  At the end of a month, I'll let you know if I think these are worth the money! :)

If you're interested in seeing what else is in Essie's nail care line, check out the handy picture below.  You might want to open the pic as a new window/tab to read the descriptions.

Have you tried any of the polishes/treatments from Essie nail care line?  What were your thoughts on them?  Let me know in the comments!  I'd love to hear your opinions. :)

Products in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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