Monday, February 25, 2013

Milani Limited Edition Textured Creams Collection Review

Hey all!  Today I have swatches of the new limited edition texture creams from Milani!  They're so bright and fun looking, so I thought I'd give them a try. :)  They're also different from all the other "textured" polishes we've seen because they don't contain any glitter.

Spoiled In Fuchsia, 2 coats: fuchsia cream texture with some pink/berry in it.  This color is easily my favorite in the collection.  It's a gorgeous shade of pink that really pops.  I think Milani should come out with a smooth creme version as well!  Formula wise it's great, but this line in general took longer to dry than any of the other textures I've tried.  I recommend applying it in thin coats to speed up dry time.  Otherwise, the pigmentation is superb.

Tainted In Red, 1 coat: bright orange-red texture.  I'd say this is more orange than red.  It's also a one-coater!  Great formula as well.

Yellow Mark, 2 coats: bright yellow texture.  This looks almost like a dead on match for yellow traffic paint.  The resemblance is even more amplified by the texture - painted asphalt anyone?  Well, if you've ever thought of recreating that look on your nails, you're in luck.  But I'm not too fond of this look.  The creme base has a very paint-like look to it as well.  I erred on the side of caution and wore base coat with this, just in case it's a stainer.  On the plus side, it's not streaky.

Aqua Splash, 2 coats: bright aqua/teal texture.  It looks more teal in the bottle, but it was a little lighter on the nail.  It's also the sheerest of the bunch, but it still has great coverage in two coats.  I think it was a little more green than my picture shows.  Good formula on this one as well.

Purple Streak, 2 coats: purple texture.  It has great formula and pigmentation like all the other shades.  Not much else to say about this one. ^^

Shady Gray, 2 coats: medium gray texture.  Like I've mentioned in another review, I'm not a fan of gray textures.  Just not my preference, but again it covers well and flows evenly like all the other colors.  It can also be a one coater, but I did two coats.

I thought the creme base was more inviting for nail art, so here are some quick designs I did.  I know, the first one is like my default go-to design. :P

Some crazy rainbow puke going on here.  Not sure I like it, but I was going for something that would look like paint splatters.  It probably would have looked nicer on a lighter base...maybe a nude cream?

Verdict:  It's cool to see a brighter, creme based take on the textured trend.  I think it makes it easier to use for nail art, especially because they're quite pigmented.  My favorite is Spoiled In Fuchsia, and I feel it's the only one I would actually buy.  Mainly because I'm not so enthusiastic about the texture trend.  If you're into textures, I think Aqua Splash,  Tainted In Red, and Purple Streak are nice as well.

Availability: This limited edition collection is available at Meijer, Walgreens, HEB, and Fred Meyer. This collection will be hitting the majority of stores in March. The collection is also available on

Are you a fan of the texture trend?

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