Friday, February 8, 2013

FFAN #12 & Misc

Hey all! Today I have the usual FFAN post and some miscellaneous pics at the bottom. Hope you enjoy it! :)

"I love the combination of OPI The Impossible with the popcorn I was eating!"

I am discontinuing FFAN due to the lack of entries. But it was fun while it lasted. Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures! :)

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Yesterday we got a whole bunch of snow here.  Giant chunks of snow were literally dropping like rocks.  (You know you watch too much HIMYM when you can hear Ted say "figuratively" in your head.)

The branches on the left were so weighed down by the snow that it was touching the ground.

Max enjoying the snow.  The snow came up almost to his head.  He has short legs you see.  Funny fact: I found Max's doppelganger on the Havanese Wikipedia page a few years back.  Take a look.


The resemblance is uncanny - complete with the red collar and jacket.  Max is just dirty...he needs a bath.  I like to think of Max's doppelganger as his evil twin, but I don't know... Max might actually be the evil twin. :P

Where ya going buddy?  Nowhere fast...

I let him off the leash because he can go "explore."  He stood on that corner for a while and looked down at the snow trying to decide if he should go for the jump.  He didn't.  Good choice, or else I would have had to go pull him out. x)

Alright, that may be it for today.  Sorry I haven't really posted any swatches this week. :<  It was one busy week.  I'll definitely have a swatch post up tomorrow, so check back then! :)


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