Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Review

Happy Friday!  Look what recently came in the mail?  It's the new Zoya collection featuring matte, sand-like textures...pixie dust in this case. :)

First off, all of these look amazing in the bottle.  I was really surprised by the silver glitter, because I didn't see it in the pictures.  I'm afraid the light box cancels out the sparkle in my pictures as well.  But these look like they have tiny shards of diamonds embedded in them.


Godiva, 3 coats (opaque in 2): tan base with sand-like grains and fine silver glitter.  Godiva was the shade I had the highest hopes for.  The idea of a nude texture sounded like a classy take on the trend.  Unfortunately, this is more of a tan than a nude on me.  As a result, it ended up being my least favorite.  I can see this looking better on different skin tones, maybe if you're darker?  Otherwise, the formula is amazing.  It flows evenly like butter and it's passable at 2 coats.

Vespa, 2 coats: light green texture with fine silver glitter.  Again, Vespa is much sparklier in real life.  This color was much more flattering on me and I think it's the perfect shade of green for spring.  It also applied evenly and easily, reaching opacity in just two coats.

Nyx, 3 coats: light purple texture with fine silver glitter.  Another pretty spring shade with a great formula.  This one was a little sheerer and required three coats for opacity.

London, 2 coats: grey texture with fine silver glitter.  Mm...this one was not my cup of tea.  I think I think I prefer my greys sleek and shiny.  A grey texture just seems weird to me.  Formula-wise it was good though: great pigmentation and flow.

Chyna, 2 coats: ruby red texture with small red glitter.  In every collection, I look for the color that's supposed to be the star of the collection.  That's Chyna.  I think this is the most gorgeous texture polish I've tried so far.  It's also the least textured.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate these finishes, but I'm not jumping in excitement over them either.  I honestly did not think I would find one where I'd think, "That's gorgeous.  I can see myself reaching for this."  So Chyna was a good surprise for me.  It's also very pigmented, making it passable in one coat.  I really wish my picture showed the depth in this polish!  If you love red glitter polishes like ChG Ruby Pumps, I think you'll love this.

Dahlia, 2 coats: black texture with fine silver glitter.  My second favorite from the collection.  I'm always on the search for the perfect black polish with silver glitter.  This is the closest so far, despite having a textured finish.  The silver glitter really pops out in this!  Like all the other shades in this collection, Dahlia also has great flow and pigmentation.

Verdict:  All of these had great formula and a surprising amount of sparkle.  My two least favorites are Godiva and London- both of which I've already given away.  They just didn't appeal to me color-wise.  However, my two favorites are Chyna and Dahlia.  They are also my favorites from all the other textures I've tried so far.  Overall, not a bad collection.

Availability:  You can find this collection on for $9 each.  You may also find these at an Ulta near you.

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