Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Nails Take 2

Much more pleased with these.  Not really a fan of having pictures on my nails.  What can I say?  I'm just more of a simple mani type of girl. ^^

I swear it's dark green with emerald shimmer and silver glitter, even if it looks almost black.  Slytherin colors with a matte silver.  The accent nail is supposed to be snake skin.

Here's a pic on how I did the snake skin.  Basically, I drew a checkered pattern and then filled it in with shades of green and silver.  Then I re drew the lines thinly and added top coat.

Can't leave out Gryffindor.  I don't know, Gryffindor colors just scream Harry Potter to me.

I imagine myself wearing these to a Hogwarts school quidditch match. :P

Which house do you favor?



  1. So cute! I have got to go get me some gold polish, I'm thinking I NEED a harry potter mani too! :)

  2. Love the Gryffindor one, what gold did you use on that?

  3. Both manis look great!

  4. In the first picture I love the ring finger!!! reminds me of stained glass!!!!

  5. i adore the first manicure, but i have to agree, im more of a simple nail kind of girl. a funky colour is enough for me :-)

  6. Thanks, I used Milani 3D. It's a warm gold with specks of holo.

  7. Your fingers nails and design is really awesome. Do you have any ebook of designs. If yes can you please forward me.
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thank You

    nail art

  8. I love your Slytherin mani! What's the name of the MAC polish? It is matte or did you mattified it? It looks gorgeous!

  9. Thank you! The MAC polish is called Studded and is already matte. :)


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