Friday, July 8, 2011

Zoya Phoebe (& Tips for Applying Matte Polish)

Hey all!

Here's a swatch of Zoya Phoebe I did a few days ago.  4 coats.

This was opaque in 3 coats, but I took pics the day after I applied it and had some tip wear, so a 4th coat was needed.  Phoebe is a bright cerulean leaning blue.  It's matte with shimmer, so it almost looks like it's glowing.  As with matte polishes, careful application was needed.  Here are a few tips!
  1.  The polish will dry fast, so work quickly and do not go over the same place twice.  Use medium coats.  Thin coats will drag and thick coats will create a bit of unevenness.  This will just have to be trial and error.  You'll get the hang of it.
  2. Use base coat between coats.  That way your second coat won't create bald spots.
  3. Even if there is a bit of unevenness, don't go over it with the brush again.  Just leave it, it'll self level.
  4. Don't forget to cover your tips!
I hope that helps a little bit!  Here are a few more pics of Phoebe.

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  1. Thanks for the "tutorial," I have the same nail polish so I really needed to know how to best apply it.

  2. wow this is so beautiful ..... i want it so badly .,,, its so sad that it is not available in Pakistan

  3. With top coat this reminds me of Towel Boy Toy. It's amazing.

  4. Now that is a gorgeous mani!
    I have Zoya Mitzi and I had to apply 3 coats and still had some streaky-ness. I'll try to apply you tips&tricks ;) Thank you!

  5. Such a pretty color! ♥

  6. pretty! it looks like a matte duochrome almost.

  7. Courteney AnagnostarasJanuary 27, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    this is the best application i have seen with phoebe so far. thanks for the tips!

  8. It does look nice with top coat, although I think I prefer it matte. ^^

  9. No problem! I'm glad people are finding the tips helpful. :D

  10. Wow thats gorgeous! the matte with shimmer is a really interesting combination!

  11. This is amazing. One of the best swatches of Phoebe I have ever seen. All the more so because you have long nails. :D


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