Friday, July 8, 2011

Nail Goodies!

Whew, I'm pooped today as well.  I was out all day with the bf for a belated bday celebration.  As promised, here are all the nail goodies I received for my bday from family & the bf. ^^  There's also a few things I picked up to treat myself as well. :)

Top row left to right:
  1. philosophy vanilla birthday cake shampoo, shower gel, & bubble bath: You can get this for free at Sephora during your birthday month.
  2. Hello Kitty nail stickers from Sephora
  3. China Glaze OMG: TMI, TTYL, FYI, GR8
  4. Zoya: Reva, Charla, Ivanka
Bottom row left to right:
  1. $OPI Caught With My Khakis Down
  2. Icing: Starlight, Tiger's Blood
  3. China Glaze OMG: QT, BFF, LOL, OMG
  4. Orly Space Cadet
  5. Essie: Turquoise & Caicos, Splash of Grenadine, Smooth Sailing

I also received another giveaway package in the mail today from Sarah of Lucky Lacquers.  Sarah doesn't have a blog.  Instead she has a Facebook page, so please drop by her page and check out her lovely manis! :)

OPI Silver Shatter, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Finger Paints Whose Hue?, Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled, LA Colors Exotic Pink

I can't wait to swatch all the new polishes I got this month.  Now I just need to remove all this glitter from my mani...  Well, that's it for now! :)



  1. Ah I wish had the entire collection! I'm missing the two blues, a light purple, and the green. I bought them Another Bottle of Polish's blog sale! I was lucky enough to grab the ones I did. :)

  2. Wow, I see some awesome polishes there!

  3. great haul! I so want China Glaze OMG and LOL

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to you. I was just noticing your birthday mani today,while catchin up on blog reading,and thought,wow,that is awesome. I want to try that!

  5. WOW, so many goodies! I'm glad you got so many goodies from family and friends! Happy birthday again. ;)

  6. WOW super-nice haul!!! ANd you've got yourself the entire CH Glaze OMG collection!!! :O You're soooo lucky!!! Where did you get that from??? :)

  7. Courteney AnagnostarasJanuary 27, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    such exciting goodies!! and happy belated birthday :)

  8. Look at all those OMG collection polishes! LUCKY FREAKING DUCKY! lol I'm going to have to hunt it down for "backups." Mine are running out. :( Happy Birthday if I didn't say it already!

  9. Happy belated birthday! What a fantastic selection of polishes.

  10. Thank you! And you should try it. :) It's a simple mani with a bit of sparkle. ^^

  11. Check this out, you have the OMG collection! I am sooooo jealous!

  12. Not the full set, but I never thought I'd ever own even one, so I'm pretty happy. I can't wait to swatch them. ^^

  13. happy belated! Wow! So jealous you got the OMG collection! I am so sad I didn't appreciate linear holo until recently.

  14. Thanks! I just wish I was interested in polish a few years earlier. There were some nice polishes back then!

  15. Happy bday!
    Lucky you, you found some OMG polishes!! I love all the Zoya, too!


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