Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Hey all!

I was planning on swatching the OPI Spiderman and Minnie Mouse polishes I got in the mail yesterday today, but no such luck.  The weather outside had different plans, and it was relatively rainy and cloudy all day.  Such a lazy Saturday...  I did get to edit a few pictures.  Here's one I took of my toes last week.  I'm wearing OPI Excuse Moi! :)

How did you spend your Saturday?



  1. I love the 'artsy' photo angle :D Can't see the polish all that well but I ADORE those shoes!!!

  2. Fun color for toes - have not thought to use it on my toes and need to. What I did on Sat - housework - computer Pinterest catch up (mine is all about nails with each board being a different brand, with some devoted to nail art, etc - please pull up beachgal, beachgal and follow along - I want to open it up and have a board for submissions. There is already a board for requests under the big ??? mark photo). Then last night trying to clean off some space on my DVR - I got excited over my New OPI NYC Ballet polishes that arrived this week. I did 2 coats of the light gray (MY Pointe Exactly), then applied the glitter is a sheer coat (Pirouette). That left me a bit more blinging that I wanted to wear right now - so I then added one sheer coat of the white sheer in the collection (Don't Touch My Tutu) - followed by SV clear topper)...It looks fab but I am stuck with no camera - have to figure out how to turn on my computer camera and/or get my photos off my phone - guess bluetooth transfer would work. It really came out looking great and I cannot wait to use sandwiches with all these great sheers in this new collection.

  3. Very cute sandals & pretty nail color! Check out my blog Luv...I just gave you an award! XO

  4. Thanks! :D And yeah it was meant to be more of an artsy photo than a swatch. :P

  5. I can't wait to get my NYC Ballet polishes! I'm particularly excited about My Pointe Exactly and Pirouette! I really hope they live up to my expectations since those two seem to be everyone's favorites. :)


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