Thursday, February 20, 2014

Born Pretty Store Gold Diamond Stud Review

Hi guys! Today I tested out these 4mm pyramid studs* from BPS. Since it's so big, I decided to keep the rest of the nails a plain color. I think these would be great for a one night event, but I don't think they'll hold up any longer than that on my nails. I have small, curved nails, so none of the sides touch my nail. Pairing them with other smaller studs and beads around the sides might help them stay on though.

Personally, they are a little too big for my taste. If BPS carried these in 2mm sizes, they'd be perfect! Because I really love how these look. I'm thinking of using these to decorate my phone. Something like this would be super cute!

If you like how these studs look, you can purchase them here for $1.99/10pcs. Be sure to use my coupon code F10X31 to receive 10% off your entire order! :)


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