Monday, February 24, 2014

[Review+Swatch] Zoya Magical Pixie Collection for Spring 2014

Hi everyone! Hope all your Mondays are going well. I got to test out this new spring 2014 collection from Zoya yesterday. It's part of the PixieDust series and has a textured formulation. These were all taken without top coat in sunlight. I apologize for my blotchy red fingers in advance. -_- The sun may have been out, but it was still freezing cold!

Cosmo, 3 coats: silver glitter texture with small and medium holographic glitters. I found mine quite thick due to how dense it was. The first coat was okay, but the second coat applied in chunky patches. I used a third coat to dab more glitter onto the empty spaces, but the result was too chunky and heavy for my taste.

Vega, 2 coats: light blue glitter texture with small and medium holographic texture. This one has a blue tinted base that leans slightly aqua. It has a thinner formula than Cosmo, so it applies much better without too much clumping. I did still get a few empty patches, but not as much as I did with Cosmo. Vega applies best in 1 thin and 1 medium to thick coat. It looks sheer in my pictures, but there wasn't any VNL in person. If there was, I couldn't see it, because it was so blindingly sparkly!

Lux, 2 coats: light rose pink glitter texture with small and medium holographic hexes. My favorite of the three! Like Vega, it has a thinner base than Cosmo and applies well without much clumping. It's best applied in 1 thin and 1 medium to thick coat. To minimize clumping, I recommend lightly dabbing on the second coat, rather than brushing it down the nail. Again, it looks sheer in my pictures, but I didn't see any VNL in real life.

Verdict: I love that these are high opacity glitter textures with a lot of sparkle. They are actually a lot more sparkly in person. However, don't expect the formula to be on par with Zoya's previous PixieDust polishes. They're thicker and more prone to clumping due to the larger glitters. Cosmo in particular was irritatingly hard to work. Vega and Lux were much better as long as you dabbed on the second coat. Overall, if you don't mind very textured nails, these may be worth trying out.

Availability: Magical Pixie is now available at for $10 each. You can also find Zoya polishes in stores at Ulta.

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