Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Review+Swatch] China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Hi everyone! I know I've been posting a lot of textures recently, but I swear these are the last ones for the week. Today I have three of six shades from China Glaze's new spring texture collection.

Wish On a Starfish, 3 coats: light pink with strong gold shimmer. If you have short nails, you can probably get by with two coats, but I needed three to get it completely opaque. The base is creamy and can get a little thick, which can cause subsequent coats after the first to drag and clump. Application is best if you give the first coat ample time to dry before applying the second and/or third coat. I recommend doing either 1 thin coat followed by 1 thick coat or 2 thin coats followed by 1 thick coat.

Formula aside, it's gorgeous! The gold shimmer really comes alive in sunlight. It kind of reminds me of a strawberry Starburst, but only with electric gold shimmer. :)


Shell We Dance, 2 coats: bright rose pink with silver and pink glitter. The silver glitter is just slightly bigger than the pink ones. This one was much easier to apply since it's not cream based, and it's more opaque. It's pretty, but I just felt meh about it. I think it's because it's not as sparkly as Wish On a Starfish.

Seahorsin' Around, 2 coats: bright blue with scattered gold shimmer. The gold shimmer makes it lean slightly turquoise, although it's hard to see in my pictures. As for the formula - flawless! It applies so easily and the result is stunning. It's such a lovely shade of saturated blue. I absolutely love how the gold sparkles.

Verdict: Wish On a Starfish doesn't have the best formula, but the color more than makes up for it. The other two had great formulas, so no complaints there. My favorites are Wish On a Starfish and Seahorsin' Around. Because seriously, they're gorgeous! All in all, if you're a texture fan, these are worth checking out. :)

Availability: China Glaze is sold at fine salons and beauty supply stores for $6.99 each. You can also find them at Sally's for $5.99 each with a Beauty Club card.

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