Monday, February 24, 2014

[Review+Swatch] China Glaze Wrinkling The Sheets & Don't Be Foiled

Hi guys! Today I have the rest of the Crinkled Chromes I own from China Glaze. I own one other, which I blogged about here. I'm actually a fan of this finish, so I enjoyed these as much as the first one.

I think these are supposed to emulate crinkled aluminum foil, and I'd say it get pretty close. Not so much up close, but at arm's length, yes! Both of these were opaque in one coat and apply very easily. However, it's better to do two coats to get a more crinkled effect. They also dry fairly quickly, but do take a few minutes to fully crinkle.

Wrinkling The Sheets, 2 coats: pale green chrome textured with fine sand-like glitter and short bar glitters. Like I said above, great formula and one coat opacity!

Don't Be Foiled, 2 coats: light teal chrome textured with fine sand-like glitter and short bar glitters. This one's pretty close to Iron Out The Details, but with a smidge more green.

Verdict: Like with most textures, people are going to either love it or hate it. Personally, I love them! Since the formula is top notch, it's really up to whether you like the finish or not. :)

Availability: China Glaze is available at beauty supply stores nationwide including Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. Individual shades retail for $7.50 MSRP.

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