Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Born Pretty Store Iced Mylar Sheets Review

Hey guys!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook might have seen my 'coming soon' post previewing various nail art manis I have done in the past few days.  I meant to get the sailboat nail art up first, but I took an insane amount of pictures, so I hope you understand the delay!  I promise it will be up soon complete with a tutorial.  Yay?

In the meantime, let's take a look at these Iced Mylar Sheets* from Born Pretty Store nail art* section.

Aren't they pretty?  This set contains 12 different colored mylar flakies that glow with an iridescent sheen.  I used a couple different colored flakies for the nail look shown below.

For this review, let's consider the following aspects of the flakies: color, texture, and value.

Color: I made sure to layer these over both a dark base and a light base to see if there are any visual differences.  As far as I can tell, many of the colors look similar over a dark base.  Warmer colors will reflect more warmer tones, while the opposite is true of cool colored flakies.  For example, the light blue flakie will reflect less yellow compared to the red flakie.  However, both warm and cool colored flakies reflect ranges of orange, yellow, green, pink and purple.  When layered over a light base, the actual color of the flakie is much more apparent.  Overall, I love how they look almost crystal-like in any lighting condition.

Texture:  While these receive a plus for me in the color department, I can't say I'm a big fan of the texture.  Since they are mylar flakies (think SinfulColors Green Ocean), a certain thickness is to be expected.  I personally found these to be a bit too thick.  Some of the flakies are folded over several times, and some are simply too big.  This means they will not lie flat on your nail; they will stick up and look chunky.  If this is not your cup of tea, I would suggest steering clear.  If you don't mind some texture on your nails or can trade-off texture for the multi-dimensional look, mylar flakies might just be for you.

A helpful tip is to use a pair of tweezers to pick out the flakies.  Rub a small amount between your fingers to pull them apart.  You can also pick through the container for thinner/smaller flakies, but this will require some patience.

Value:  At $6.48, you will receive 12 containers filled to the brim with different colored flakies.  Like I said, if you don't mind the texture, this is a decent deal.  There is a lot in each container!  After one mani, my containers still look unused.  Considering I won't be wearing a mylar mani every day, I imagine these will last me well over a year.

A few more pictures, and my verdict below:

Verdict: I have a love-hate relationship with these.  I adore the look.  They have that multi-colored iridescent sheen I sometimes crave, and are different from the flakies found in polishes like Essie Shine of Times that have a duochrome/multichrome quality to it.  For these, you can see many colors without shifting your fingers.  This is due to the thickness and the crumpled texture.  If only they were just a bit thinner, or separated better, or cut smaller.  If only, if only...  I don't mind texture; I wear rhinestones and glitter all the time.  But I hate how the flakies stick up and poke at you.  So yes, I can see myself using these when I have the time to pick out the smaller flakies, but I don't see myself using them as often as I'd like.

If you would like to purchase this or any other item from Born Pretty Store, you can use the code below to receive 10% off! :)

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  1. Those are so pretty! I don't have the patience for nail art, but I would love to try these out. I love the way your middle finger came out xx


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