Monday, July 2, 2012

Skinfood (스킨푸드) Haul from Korea!

My mom's finally back!  I'm so glad to quit the mom job. lol.  Being mom is tough. T_T  She also brought back a bunch of nail goodies for me.  I was surprised at how many she brought me because my mom is not an enabler.  Lol.  She is always telling me I have too many polishes and that they are all the same. :P  I also got make up, so I might review those later on once I use them.

For now, here are the polishes I received.  Under each picture I wrote the nail line, polish name and number, and its price in Korean won.  The same thing is written in Korean underneath, in case you were wondering.

 Fruit Drink Nail in #9 Rose Cocktail (3,000 won)
과일주 네일 9호 로즈주
_ _ _

 Party Tox Nail in #4 Bronze Party and #2 Ruby Party (3,000 won)
파티 톡스 네일 4호 브론즈 파티, 2호 루비 파티
_ _ _

 Milk Shine Nail in VI01 Lilac Shine (3,000 won)
Milk Creamy Nail in BL002 Melon Milk and BL004 Ocean Milk (2,500 won)
밀크 샤인 네일 VI01 라일락샤인
밀크 크리미 네일 BL002 멜론밀크, BL004 오션 밀크
_ _ _

 Pedicure Sparkle in 09 Sparkle Red, 01 Sparkle Gold, 05 Sparkle Indigo (3,000 won)
패디큐어 스파클 09호 스파클 레드, 01호 스파클 골드, 05호 스파클 인디고
_ _ _

Skinfood Nail Vita /스킨푸드 네일 비타 (1,500 won)
Top row:  RE102 Pinky Red, VI407 Puppy Purple, VI408 Purple Stone, PK217 Hot Fruit, 
PK215 Warm Pink, BR610 Rich Mocha
Bottom row:  GR901 Gray Rum, BW701 Pearl Black, VI403 Gray Bean, BR614 Double Choco Cream, RE107 Red Stone

위:  RE102 핑키레드, VI407 퍼피퍼플, VI408 퍼플스톤, PK217 핫프루트, PK215 웜핑크, 
BR610 리치모카
아래:  GR901 그레이럼, BW701 펄블랙, VI403 그레이빈, BR614 더블초코크림, RE107 레드스톤
 _ _ _

Whew!  That was a lot.  For the English names, I translated them from the Korean ones written on the bottles.  Some of them were a bit iffy, since the Korean names are actually English words written in Korean.  So for Gray Bean, at first I was like Gray Bin?  Lol.  Hopefully the names are all correct.  Please let me know if any of them are incorrect!

So...which ones should I swatch first? :)



  1. Awww, you mother is so sweet, and the milk ones are simply too cute.
    Do you think your mother would consider adopting me (I might be too old LOL)

  2. OMG what a fantastic haul! Great polishes. And I want to be adopted too! :D

  3. Wow, you are a lucky girl. I'm a little jealous lol. The colors are all so beautiful!!

  4. I have a few of the Pedicure Sparkles and love them!

  5. Artful Vision is seeking new artists - made in US.

  6. I love that they're opaque in one coat!

  7. Thanks! Haha, I would not mind having another polishaholic as a sister. ;P

  8. I think the milk ones are cute too! Haha, I showed my mom this comment and she left. Unfortunately, no adoptions at this moment. We're quite a handful (my two siblings and I). ;P

  9. LOL, well I might even be older than you mother, so that would a bit weird too

  10. Oops I meant laughed not left. And I love your nail art! Flowers would be great. :D


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