Friday, July 20, 2012

Julep Maven August Boxes

Mavens, which box are you getting this month?  I'm usually Boho, and I'll probably stay with it.  I'm kind of on the edge with month's boxes.  I'm not a big metallics fan and none of the colors besides Piper really call out to me.  (I'm a sucker for mints).

You can see swatches of these colors on Julep's blog.

If you're not a Maven and would like to join, you can use my link to visit Julep Maven*.  Please note that your first box will be the introductory box.  I believe you can use code PENNY to get your first box for only a penny. :)

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  1. im normally it girl but i'm switching to boho glam this month for that mint metallic! so excited for it, and for hopefully a true white opaque metallic for once.

  2. I really like Isla from Boho Glam!!

  3. I skipped this month. Not really feeling any of the boxes. I'm usually Boho Glam and I like Piper, but not Isla. Now if they had Piper with Sienna or Dakota, I would get that box!

  4. I am not a fan of Julep. I just hate paying for kit programs and having it come then I only like maybe 1 thing if that. I lived through the whole era of mail book and CD clubs - had my fill of that business model then. I did see where Julep started to partner now this past month with QVC. Thought that was interesting. I think QVC is going to try and get more polish companies lined up. They only had through the yrs 2 lines and they were an unknown one pretty much only on QVC and then when Joan Rivers made polishes as part of her Beauty Line products. I would love to see QVC crack the market open and pull in some of the Euro only brands to the US. They have access tot them with their TV stations in UK, Germany & Spain now.

    I also did not do the Julep thing because of the mess it was at first and the bottle shape. I loose all my Stripe Rite bottles in my storage. Odd shapes appeal to some, but if I cannot find them and they have to sit in a pile in a basket or bucket, I won't ever use them.


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