Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Milani Spring 2012 Swatches

Hello hello. :)  Today I have for you my picks from the Milani Spring 2012 collection.  The line in general looks great, but these were the colors I was most interested in.  All the colors I reviewed had great pigmentation and consistency.  A lot of these can be one-coaters if you use a medium to thick coat.  In my swatches I used thin coats.

Beach Front, 2 coats: a dusty blue with silver shimmer that falls somewhere between periwinkle and baby blue.  My camera shows this as sky blue, but it's closer to how it looks in the bottle.

Signature Gold, 3 coats: a warm metallic gold.  This is a nice warm gold with a hint of bronze.  I like that this is not a yellow gold.  It's a tad brush strokey, but not blatantly so.  This could have been a 2 coater, but I had some issues with drag, which can be avoided with sufficient dry time between coats.

Teddy Brown, 2 coats: a light brown with warm undertones.  A very nice neutral brown.  It's light enough to wear during spring and summer.

Orchidia, 3 coats: orchid with silver shimmer.  It's surprisingly darker than I expected.  I love the silver shimmer in this.  Orchidia was also the sheerest.  It needed the third coat, but may cover well in 2 if applied in thicker coats.  Also, please excuse my uneven middle tip.  I had some peeling there and forgot to buff it out. :(  People are always asking me how my nails are so strong and healthy.  It's not always true!  I have problems with peeling now and then as well.  My best remedy for it thus far is to buff and moisturize.  Nails need moisture too! :)

Sail Away, 2 coats: a dusty indigo blue with silver shimmer.  Saved the best for last!  The silver keeps it from being too dark and makes this color glow.  Omgosh, it's so gorgeous!  In my opinion, this is definitely the star of the collection.  It's my favorite of the bunch. :)

Which color is your favorite?

*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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  1. whoa! need beach front and signature gold! Wish they sold milani here, now I am doomed to search ebay for them :S

  2. I am loving them all, but the first one, and the purple one are my faves

  3. Definitely Sail Away!!! It's sooo beautiful!!

  4. Gorgeous swatches - Beach Front, Orchidia and Sail Away are my favorites!

  5. sanna-kaisa.julinJuly 3, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Signature Gold

  6. I get so bummed when I see a great collection of shades from Milani. We don't have any drug stores around my parts that carry this brand - not unusual for a rural area, esp in these difficult economic times - lots of brands are not shipped in that we used to get in markets as well as drug store chains. I love the Orchidia and Beach Front...if I am at all well enough next week on the day I have to be down to a semi larger city for a couple of nights in a motel for medical tests, I will see if I can make some rounds to some drug stores and find these.

  7. My favourites are Sail Away and Signature Gold!

  8. Simpley"Awesome" ;)
    Cafe in karachi

  9. If you don't mind the shipping fee, you can also order them online from their Milani Cosmetics website. ^^ Hope your medical tests went well, and that you were able to find Orchidia and Beach Front. Stay strong! <3

  10. Nice picks! Those are my top threes. :D

  11. I think they would look great on you! :)

  12. You can also buy them online from their Milani Cosmetics website!


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