Monday, July 30, 2012

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012: Warning! May Put Your Head in Orbit

both polishes layered
It's finally here!  Today I'm happy to present to you two lovely shades from piCture pOlish!  I'll be one of the 80 bloggers participating in this Blog Fest, so don't forget to check out other blogs as well.  Without further ado, I present you...
2 coats.  Orbit has a dark blue jelly base jam packed with fine silver glitter.  The formula was thick but easy to work with.  Everything applies smoothly, and wow!  It's a one-coater!  (I just did two for pictures.)  Very pretty!


4 coats.  Warning by itself is a semi-sheer purple with fine blue shimmer and multi-colored shimmer flecks.  The flecks are predominantly pink, but you'll also spot pretty pastel flecks in orange, green, and purple.  Here's a macro shot:

Warning: may cause excessive drooling
I found Warning to be opaque in 3 coats, but I had some bald spots from swatching too quickly.  I would suggest waiting a bit between coats to prevent dragging.  On the whole, I had no complaints with the formula.


Warning Layered over Orbit
Because Warning is semi-sheer, I thought I'd layer one coat over Orbit.  Turns out it's not as sheer as I thought.  All the shimmer flecks covered the glitter!  So there are a lot of flecks in here!  I suggest wearing it over a black, dark blue, or dark purple creme.

As you may have noticed in this layered pic, there is a bit of a duochrome effect in Warning.  However, I'm hesitant to say it's a duochrome, since it isn't in the traditional sense.  In reality, you get a blue flash against the purple base from the blue shimmer, and a pink flash from the flecks at an angle.  So you'll see the polish change colors, but it's not the same shimmer changing colors; rather, different shimmers/flecks are being highlighted at different angles.


Overall, I'm really impressed by these two polishes!  I loved that Orbit was a one-coater and that Warning had these pretty pastel flecks.  Both are pretty in their own way, so it's hard for me to choose one over the other, but Warning is probably the more unique of the two. :)

You can buy Orbit and Warning for $9.50 and $11.50 (AUD) respectively from piCture pOlish.  You'll find them both under "Mesh Shades."  piCture pOlish is an Australian brand, so if you're located anywhere else, please check their The Network page to find a seller near you.

That's it!  What are your thoughts?  Which one do you like?  Let me know in the comments! :)

♥ Liz

Are you all enjoying the Olympics?
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  1. Gorgeous shimmery polishes:)

  2. Beautiful swatches! I loved Orbit, I could not believe how stunning it was on the nail! I was even more surprised it was a one coater. Your swatches of Warning are phenomenal, it's quite the unique shade.

    And yes I am enjoying the Olympics, I always do:) I couldn't even pick a favorite event though.

  3. Amazing swatches!

  4. I love Orbit!!

    Even my children are watching the Olympics. My son is 3 and asks each day if the USA has the most medals. LOL. Nice to tell him we're one up at the moment. I love the diving and such.


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