Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Lovin' Sailboat Nail Art Tutorial

Omygosh, you guys.  It's almost 3:30am, and I'm up writing this post.  Crazy!  I put a lot of work into this, so you better like it! :P

In case you missed my last post, this tutorial is for the following look:

Here's an overview of all the tools and polishes I used.  You don't have to use these polishes, or even these colors!

Upper left: Dr.'s Remedy Youthful Yellow, China Glaze Papaya Punch
Upper right: China Glaze First Mate
Lower left: Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail BL004 Ocean Milk, Milani Jewel Fx Gold
Lower right: Essie Smooth Sailing, Skin Food Milk Creamy BL002 Melon Milk, Pure Ice Vinyl Remix White (not recommended as it dries too fast), Julep Jessica, China Glaze Kinetic Candy

If you're unsure of how to draw the hearts, here's a simple tutorial.

Now that your heart nails are done, time for the sailboat thumb.  Follow steps 1 and 2 as shown above.  Before attempting to draw the sailboats onto your nail, I suggest practicing a few times on paper with your brush and polish until you get it right.

Now you're ready to flaunt your pretty artwork! :)

I hope that was easy to follow!  As with anything, if you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments.  I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. :)



  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I loved this mani!

  2. Excellent tutorial. Love the design!

  3. This is too cute! I love your version! It is perfect!

  4. devorelebeaumonstre.July 23, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    love this!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 SheInside giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  5. Jennius - Gold Speck NailsJuly 28, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    Such a great great tutorial! I still love these so much!


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