Monday, July 9, 2012

Dr.'s REMEDY "Step Into Summer" Collection

I've reviewed Dr.'s Remedy polishes before, but in case you are new to them, here's a brief description of the brand:

"Dr.'s REMEDY is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic ingredients.  Their Enriched Nail Polish is the first-ever nail polish on the market created by doctors and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  Made with organic ingredients, vitamins, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, and garlic bulb extract, Dr.'s REMEDY vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand."

Dr.'s Remedy's new summer 2012 collection, "Step Into Summer" features three playful colors reminiscent of daisies and tulips.  All swatches below are shown without top coat.

YOUTHFUL Yellow, 4 coats:  "A hue of banana-meets-lemon with here-comes-the-sun subtlety, this shade is matte, marvelous and magical."  I've got a lot to say on this one, so I broke it down into three parts.

Finish:  First of all, this color is not matte.  However, I am so glad it is not matte.  Light yellows tend to have problematic formulas, so adding a matte finish to the equation did not sound enticing.

Formula:  This is one of the better yellows I have used.  It was easy to work with and had good pigmentation.  Youthful Yellow was minimally streaky.  I used a fourth coat for pictures, but you can easily get away with 3 careful coats.  It's also self-leveling so you won't have to smooth it out with top coat.

Color:  I found this yellow worked well with my skin-tone.  A rare find, as most light yellows tend to be a touch too bright.  The color description for this shade actually makes sense to me.  It has the softness of a banana yellow and the brightness of a lemon, making it fall somewhere in between.  I would say it leans more banana than lemon though.  I hope this all made sense, because now I'm just thinking about fruit. -_-

HOPEFUL Hot Pink, 2 coats:  "Hello Kitty never had it so good; this shade of pink is every gal's new best pal, no doubt."  A pretty generic blue pink creme.  I think this color is flattering across all skin tones, so if you don't own one yet, Hopeful Hot Pink is a good option.

GRATEFUL Grape, 3 coats:  "Move over Jolly Rancher, this take on grape has sizzle, shine and a touch of shimmer."  Grape purple would be right on for this one.  It has subtle pink-purple shimmer that comes out to play in the sun.  In terms of the formula, it was thinner than the others, but equally easy to work with.

Verdict:  The collection as a whole features a fun trio of delicious colors fit for summer.  The pink was a bit generic, but the other colors were unique to my stash.  My favorite would have to be Youthful Yellow. :)

Dr.'s REMEDY is sold online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

*The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me for my honest review.
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  1. Except for the many coats, Youthful Yellow and Grateful Grape are stunning - siiiggghh...

  2. I am really eyeballing that purple one!!

  3. These are gorgeous!

  4. The yellow and the purple are my favorites! Very gorgeous colors.

  5. Youthful Yellow is so gorgeous!!


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