Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zoya Spring 2013: Lovely Collection Swatches

Hey all!  I showed you guys Zoya's new Lovely collection back in December, and today I have full hand swatches for all of the shades.  Let's get started!

Blu, 3 coats: pastel blue creme.  I love how creamy Blu looks, devoid of any chalkiness.  I found the formula quite thin, but after a few uses it thickened up a little.  Although, I wouldn't consider application streaky, it did require 3 coats to become opaque. 

Jacqueline, 3 coats: pale almond creme.  This color is warm, but it's pale enough that it should flatter multiple skin tones.  It's the perfect "palate-cleanser" after wearing loud holiday polishes.  I really love how clean and polished this looks.  Formula-wise, it was the same as Blu: thin, but easy to apply.

Neely, 3 coats: sort of pale sage green creme.  It has a hint of dustiness to it that gives the color its softness.  Neely has the same thin formula, as the rest of the cremes.

Piaf, 3 coats: light honey dijon yellow with silvery-white shimmer.  I like how the shimmer lightens up this color in the sun, making it more of a banana creme yellow, rather than the darker mustard we see in fall.  The closest color I could think of for this was OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me.  Based off my memory, the OPI had more green undertones, which I hated.  Piaf is much more flattering and doesn't seem to be as green.  The only downside is that there is so much shimmer, that it can show up silver in the shade, making the polish look a bit dirty.  Formula wise, it was about average.  Piaf is best applied in two thin coats followed by 1 medium-thick coat.

GeiGei, 3 coats: pale pink shimmer.  Mine is actually labeled GieGie, but it seems to labeled GeiGei everywhere else, so I'm assuming it's a typo.  I can't decide if this pink is cool toned or warm.  I feel it treads a fine line between the two depending on the lighting.  I want to say it's slightly more cool toned.  I didn't feel the shimmer made this color dirty, but the formula was similar to Piaf.

Julie, 3 coats: a true lavender shimmer.  Julie was my favorite from the shimmers.  Not much else to say other than that.  It had the same average formula as the other shimmers.

Verdict:  Overall, I would say this is a solid spring collection featuring a variety of pastels in both shimmers and cremes.  All of the shades needed 3 coats for opacity and had about average formulas in terms of application.  In other words, they were fairly easy to apply, but the cremes were just a bit thin and the shimmers needed more dry time between coats.  (Therefore, my recommendation to apply the shimmers in 2 thin coats + 1 medium thick coat).

Availability:  The Lovely Collection is now available online at* for $8 each.  The collection also seems to be boasting an even healthier formulation that is now 5 free.

Have you picked up any of these colors?  Let me know in the comments! :)

*Polishes were provided to me by Zoya for my honest review.
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  1. Very nice swatches! I love your pics - they seem very color-accurate. I ordered Neely and Piaf from this collection, they both seem so pretty! I also love Blu but I don't want to cheat on Essie Bikini So Teeny (which is my favorite sky blue ever!). Julie looks really nice too but I'm trying to limit how many polishes I get haha

  2. I think you'll love Neely and Piaf. Neely's my favorite, but they're all pretty nice. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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