Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ABC Challenge: A

A is!  I know, isn't it so original?  All I could think of was apples, alpacas, and animal print.  I can't draw a llama and I wanted to do something new, so apples it was.

There's a Facebook group called Llama Nails, and the members of this group are currently doing an ABC challenge!  Every Wednesday we're doing nail art for the letter of the week, starting with A this week.  (This is why I'm posting twice today, since the Geo Candy Swirls tutorial was supposed to go up yesterday.)  If you'd like to join in on the challenge, just request to join the group!  Since we're posting our nail art to the group, you don't even need a blog. :)

So here are my apple nails!  Haha, I think it's bit of a fail, because I did it really quickly.  Do they look like apples?  I think they look like ripe and unripe tomatoes. x)

Base: Skin Food Fruit Drink Nail in #9 Rose Cocktail
Glitter: Milani Jewel Fx in Gold
Red: Zoya Rekha
Green apple: Sinful Colors Olympia
Leaves: China Glaze Starboard
Stem: Julep Olivia

Hope you liked my weird apple-tomato hybrid nails!  You can also check out other blogs participating in this challenge by clicking on the links below. :)



  1. Totally NOT a fail! Just adorable. The cutest little apples :-)

  2. This is a total win!!! I just want to bite into the tomapples!! Kidding, they actually do look like apples ;-)

  3. Ah thank you! That makes me so happy. Haha ;)

  4. Thanks, Jayne! And wow, tomapples! That actually sounds really cute. I wouldn't mind if they looked like tomapples. x)

  5. This is a very cute apple mani, I like that you added two to each nail!

  6. So cute! Love the glitter accent nail too!!!

  7. I think they are great! They look like apples and not tomatoes!

  8. They don't look like tomatoes at all, you did an amazing job!

  9. Thanks! I'm so glad you think so! :)


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