Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bondi New York Nail Polish - Botanical Beauty

Happy Sunday~  Today I have a new nail polish brand called Bondi New York to share with you!  This brand launched only a few weeks ago and boasts 20 fashion forward colors which are 5 free (formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, DBP and toluene).  I was given the opportunity to try out one of the polishes, and I chose Botanical Beauty for spring. :)

Botanical Beauty, 2 coats:  "A luscious lilac may have them fooled into thinking you're a lady, but we know a tantalizing temptress lies beneath the soil. Plant the seed of intrigue and watch it grow - they won't be able to resist your bouquet."

First off, the packaging reminds me of Dr.'s Remedy!  I'm pretty sure it's the same bottle and cap.  I love these square bottles because they fit so nicely in Helmers.  The caps also have a nice grip to them because of the soft velvety texture.

As for the polish, Botanical Beauty was great in both pigmentation and application.  The consistency was just right - not too thick or thin.  It flowed evenly and was opaque in two coats.  I'm also pleased that Botanical Beauty was accurately pictured on their website.  It looks just as it was shown, which is important for an online-based nail brand.

Verdict: Botanical Beauty is a lovely lilac creme that's perfect for spring.  Both the formula and pigmentation were excellent.  Hopefully we'll see some more out-of-the-box colors in the future from Bondi New York once they have established the basics.  I would love to see some glitters or something crazy from them in the future that screams "New York"! :)

Availability: Available via select on line retail partners, as well as for $15.  If you live in Canada, you can also find them on Harlow & Co100% of the net profit (after costs) is donated to their non-profit which makes grants to organizations like Food Bank for New York City.  Don't forget to follow Bondi New York on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

What do you think of this brand?  Have you tried them yet?
*6/2/2014 Update: 
I believe this brand is no longer functioning, but if they are I encourage you to read this post first before purchasing. I belatedly found out about this whole debacle and can no longer recommend this brand.


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