Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New 2013 Milani High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Shades

Milani recently added a few more shades to their High Speed Fast Dry collection.  Here they are all lined up! :)  My swatches are all shown without top coat.

Instant Pearl, 3 coats: frosty white.  I've never been a fan of frosts, so this one doesn't really appeal to me.  As you can see, brush strokes are clearly visible.  This seems inevitable in frosts.  However, it has good coverage in 2-3 coats.  If you like colors like this, I don't think the formula will disappoint.  I personally prefer satin whites for a similar effect without the stroke marks.

Pink Express, 2 coats: cool-toned light pink creme.  Application and pigmentation were both good.  It's not a one-coater, but two coats will do the job.  It's a nice pink, but pinks like this never seem to flatter my warm skin tone.  I see myself using this a lot for nail art though.

Move On Mauve, 2 coats (good coverage in 1): dusty mauve-pink with blue frost.  Sorry about all the bubbles!  Not sure if it's the polish, but I think it's me.  Frosty shades seem to always bubble on me. :(  You can see some brush strokes on this color as well, but it's less apparent than it is in Instant Pearl.

Move On Mauve reminded me of another color I own - Victoria's Secret nail polish in Lover.  The color is pretty spot on, but Lover also has bigger shimmer flecks.  This is just a bottle comparison, I'm still wearing Milani on all my nails. ^^

Flaming Race, 2 coats (opaque in 1): bright scarlet red with coral/pink undertones.  This I can love.  And on all accounts: formula, finish, pigmentation and color.  Application was a breeze and this was the only color that I felt truly lived up to the one coat claim.  There are some others that look passable at one, but this one looks great in one coat.

Plus, it looks great layered with Milani Jewel Fx -Gold. :)

Quick Teal, 2 coats (good coverage in 1): teal creme.  Just warning you, my pictures are way off.  I tried to correct it by adding more yellow, but it didn't help.  The color is much more green - it's basically straight up teal.  Anyway, I was sitting down to write this when I realized that I already own a teal creme from Milani.  The one I own is called Fresh Teal (Neon collection).  I did a quick side-by-side swatch on my nail and noticed they are both very very close.  However, Quick Teal has a smidge more green in it than Fresh Teal (neon).  Which is odd, because looking at the bottles would lead you to believe that the neon one is more green since the bottle is coated.  Nope - it's the opposite.

Rapid Orchid, 2 coats (decent in 1): almost-black purple creme.  I kind of really like this color.  In most lightings, it actually looks black.  I think it'll look more purple in direct sunlight though.  The overall finish is very glossy, and it's great for layering under glitter.  It took me two coats, but I think this will become a one-coater after a few uses like my bottle of Milani Black Swift.

Verdict: All of the new releases had great formulas.  The frosty colors showed brush strokes, but that seems to be a given for frosts.  Most of them had 2 coat formulas, but about half of them had good coverage in 1 thin coat.  So it's likely they'll cover better in 1 medium to thick coat.  My favorites were Rapid Orchid and Flaming Race.

Availability: Milani polishes can be found both online and in drugstores carrying Milani products for $4.99.  I usually buy my Milani polishes at CVS, but they're also available at Walgreens.


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