Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Picks From Hard Candy's NEW Walmart Exclusives!

Hi everyone!  Everyone's been going crazy over the new collections Hardy Candy has been putting out.  Today I have 10 polishes (2 from each collection) to share with you!  Isn't the bag cute?

Here are all the polishes in a row!  They're ordered by collection: Crushed Chromes, Itsy Glitzy, Glitteratzi, Crystal Confetti, and Candy Sprinkles.  5 collections in total.  Check out my swatches below!  Oh, and keep this in mind when looking at the pictures.  Full hand = color accurate.  Macro = shows off composition, not color accurate.  Also, all glitter polishes are shown with top coat; the rest are without.


Crush On Pink, 2 coats: cool toned pink with orange-gold flecks (chrome/foil finish).  Honestly, I still have trouble telling the difference between metallic, chrome, and foil finishes.  I feel like chrome is supposed to be the smoothest, then metallic, and finally foil.  Thoughts?  Anyway, this one has a bit of purple in it that makes it more of an orchid color.  The flecks make it more unique and gorgeous in my opinion.  Completely unexpected from the promo pics!  Both pigmentation and application was excellent for this shade.

Crush On Copper, 2 coats: coral-orange foil with orange-gold flecks.  I love a good coral, and this one is right up my alley.  It reminds me of a more blinged out version of Zoya Rica.  Love!  And no problems with the formula on this one either.


Pinch Of Spice, 3 coats (opaque in 2): orange jelly base with gold-green shimmer flecks.  This is a gorgeous tangerine color.  I thought it looked good at 2 coats, but did 3 for pictures.  The gold flecks stay generally gold, but you can see some green-blue at extreme angles.  Good pigmentation and formula.

Bity Blue, 2 coats: blue jelly base with blue-pink-purple shifting shimmer.  It's not a duochrome by any means, but you can see some deeper blue and purple on the edges of your nails.  At extreme angles, even a little pink.  This one's similar to China Glaze Blue Iguana, but the pink-purple shimmer is a bit more apparent in this one (according to my memory).  Again, good pigmentation and formula.

Sorry, no macro shot for this one, but I think you can see the finish pretty well here.


Glitter Jam, 1 coat over dark purple: dense glitters in the colors red, blue, green, and gold (see below for sizes).  As you can see, one coat gives really good coverage.  I also think the name is really appropriate!  No complaints on this one.  It's gorgeous!

macro: not color accurate, refer to other pics for color accuracy

Party Lights, 1 coat over pink: dense glitters in the colors green, blue, and gold (see below for sizes).  It looks like the blue glitters are coming off as a purple in my pictures, but it's really blue.  Like Glitter Jam, great coverage in one coat.  No complaints on the formula either. :)


Masquerade, layered over white (1 coat near tips, 2 coats near cuticles): super dense fine black glitter and medium coral-red glitter.  I thought it might look cool (and better) if I did a gradient with the glitter.  As you can see, 2 coats almost makes it look opaque.  I think this glitter would look great over a royal blue!  I layered it over white so that you can see what the black glitters look like. :)  No problems to report on application.

Jubilee, 3 coats: swampy green jelly base with fine black glitter, large black and silver glitter, and coral-red bar glitter.  This one got a blog post all to itself, so you can check it out (here) if you're interested.  The breakdown is: gorgeous color, fussy bar glitters- the edges stick up.  If you like this color and you're willing to work with it, you can file or clip the edges that stick up.  Then top coat that baby a few times. x)  Other than the bar glitter issue, everything else was good.  And did I mention that I love this color? ^^


Sweet Tooth, 3 coats: milky white base with small pink, blue, and silver glitter.  The white comes off as a pale blue on the nail for me.  Like the name implies, it's a very sweet color.  If you liked colors like China Glaze It's A Trapeze, I think you'll like this less circus-like version of small glitters and similar colors.  And like every other color in this collection, Sweet Tooth also has an easy-to-work-with formula.

Gummy Green, 3 coats: milky mint base with small black and silver glitters.  This reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream!  If you're like me and can never resist mint polish, you'll be glad that at least this one will stand apart from the others.  Like Sweet Tooth, I found application easy.

Verdict: Still just as crazy about these new polishes from Hard Candy as I was when I received the promo pics!  I don't think any of the colors disappoint, and I found some to be even better than I had expected.  Also a lot of the glitters seem very Indie/glitter sandwich inspired, which is very "in" right now.  Besides Jubilee, I have no complaints regarding the glitter or the formulas on any of these.  Jubilee just had a bar glitter issue that can easily remedied if you really love the color.

If you want my thoughts on the new packaging and price - visit this post!  I talk about both of those in depth there.

Availability: You can find the new Hard Candy polishes now at Walmart and walmart.com for $3.97 each.

Have you picked up any of the new Hard Candy polishes?  What do you think of them?  And do you love the new packaging?


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