Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader :(

Sad news, everyone (well, sad for me).  Google is discontinuing Google Reader on July 1, which means you can no longer follow my blog through it.  I'm assuming this means that Google Friend Connect may get the boot later down the road as well. :/  So if you're following me by Google Reader, please transfer to one of the following feeds to stay subscribed to Liquid Jelly.

Option A: Bloglovin
Bloglovin has a one-click transfer option that allows you to import your Google Reader subs into Bloglovin.  I've already done this for all the blogs I currently follow.

Option B: Feedly
I'm new to this one, but I really like it so far.  It's both pretty and easy to navigate.  You also have the option of saving blog posts you like.  To transfer your Google Reader subs to Feedly, simply visit this page.  One click and you're set!  There's also a mobile app for those of you who like to read on-the-go.  To add my site to your feed manually, type "liquidjelly" in the search bar.
Option C: Hellocotton
Here's another option for following blogs.  I don't think Hellocotton has a one-click transfer option, so you will have to manually follow by visiting my Hellocotton page.  This is also great for finding new blogs.

Also, feel free to follow me on all other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, email and more.  You can find them all in my left sidebar. :)

And...if you're as displeased as I am about this, you can sign this petition to show Google that we want them to continue their service.

I'm guessing Google will now push Google+ even more. -_- I'm afraid I haven't been very diligent on Google+ because I prefer Facebook.  I'll try to update my Google+ page more from now on for those of you who follow me there.  I have both a Google+ Liz page and a Google+ Liquid Jelly page.  I'm thinking Google+ Liz will be for a more personal connection/updates/musings, while Liquid Jelly will only show blog post updates.  Gah...must think about this now. -_-


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