Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nfu Oh #53: Never Enough Flakies ❤

Hi everyone! 

For today, I decided to reswatch one of my favorite flakies: Nfu Oh #53. This is the only Nfu Oh polish I own, but one day I will catch them all! At least all the tinted flakies and holographics. x)


#53 is pretty sheer, so I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze Man Hunt as my base color.  53 looks pretty nice alone as well, but it won't ever reach opacity.  Anyway, isn't Man Hunt gorgeous on its own too?  I totally fell in love with this color again while painting my nails.

And here's Man Hunt with 1 medium coat of #53 layered over it.  #53 is part of Nfu Oh's Opal Series.  It has a sheer blue base with red to green flakies and glowing blue shimmer flecks.  Seriously, the blue shimmer just steals my heart every time.  Brace yourself for the macro down below.

See what I mean?  Sigh.  Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Availability: Nfu Oh is a Korean brand, but fortunately they have an online US stockist: FabulouStreet.  Usually they retail for $12.50, but it looks like they're on sale right now for $11.25.  You can also get free US shipping on orders over $25.  International shipping is available as well, but not for every country.  You can check where they ship to here.

I'm hoping to pick some more up when I visit S. Korea again some day.  I hear they sell them for $4-5 at the main headquarter.  Not sure if that's still true, but I hope it is!


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