Monday, March 25, 2013

Essie Nail Care Line Follow Up

Hi guys!  As promised, here's my follow up on these three Essie products after having used them exclusively for 1.5 months.  For my first impression and in depth product description, visit my previous post found here.

Apricot Cuticle Oil:  I've used this consistently on nearly an every day basis.  Usually before and after a mani, or whenever my cuticles looked like they could use some love.  Because it absorbs quickly, I was able to use it between swatching sessions as well.  When I started out, my cuticles were a bit dry but now they are in good condition.  This may also be due to regular use.  I generally kept it around me so that I remembered to use it. 

*Helps dry cuticles?  Yes, with consistent use.
*Maintains cuticles?  Yes.  Again with consistent use.

Millionails Treatment:  This was my only base coat for 1.5 months.  I even wore it on its own over bare nails and during swatching sessions.  Basically, it's supposed to strengthen your nails and resist peeling.  Lately I've been having problems with my pointer and middle nails peeling where the corners curve.  After using this, I'm happy to say my nails have stopped peeling!  Peeling up to this point had been inevitable on my left pointer nail once it got long.  Right now my nails are pretty long and not even a sign of peeling.  So happy!  This will be joining my regular nail care routine. :)

*Resists peeling?  Yes!
*Resists splitting?  Yes.

Fill The Gap Treatment:  I don't have any major ridges in my nails, so I've been using this as another base coat over the Millionails Treatment.  I mainly used it only when using very pigmented colors to prevent staining and under creme polishes for extra smoothness. x)  It's nice, but I don't think it's essential to my nail care routine because I don't have any ridges.  It did prevent staining though. ^^

*Conceals imperfections?  Yes.  The sheer color is nice for covering minor staining.  Great if you wear a lot of sheer nudes or pinks.
*Fills in ridges?  Not applicable to me, so I'm still not sure.

Verdict:  I definitely love the Millionails treatment.  The cuticle oil is nice as well and smells very good.  The only thing I wouldn't purchase when I run out is the Fill The Gap Treatment because I don't really need it.  But I think it's worth a try if you're looking for something to fill nail ridges.  As always, these are my honest opinions based on my experience.  Results can vary from person to person depending on factors like lifestyle and body chemistry.

Availability:  Apricot Cuticle Oil retails for $8 / Millionails Treatment for $10 / Fill In The Gap Treatment for $10.  Visit for a full list of their nail care line and to find a store near you.


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